11 December, 2023

Vision For An Alternative Future・Steps For Success・Reform Global Finance Institutions

Fix a goal.

“Reform global institutions” - a holistic approach or a prerequisite towards “Reform global finance institutions”. 

The most notable “Unless... ...institutions urgently reform, they will remain ineffective, and even harmful”. To prevent this scenario Greenpeace and other NGOs have well documented alternatives, they need to be summed up and applied ASAP. 

Imagine notions in some ball linked in a sort of conceptual project. The more of those conceptual projects you have the more notions come up. Many notions are similar and conceptual projects are interlinked.

Smart people must decide which way to go, to choose a proper path, a backup plan, second backup plan, third backup plan… with this “ball of notions & conceptual projects” all the way through-out the timeline.

It’s not just one or two things being misaligned, experts say we can expect a whole series of collapses. 

Ensure the goals are realistic.

That would be a major problem for me cuz something similar hasn't been documented at all. I suppose here we should admire intuition, to keep us off the wrong path (knowing difference between right and wrong is imperative - in every step of the way; all Δ time). 

To elaborate further, I try to define intuition like millennials do, not like the “ID” personal component in Freud’s handbook, but rather in compliance with human rights. 

In the concrete case of the “Reform global finance institutions” project - how realistic is a place without corruption, without so-called “creative accounting”? 

Motivate yourself to achieve your goals.

I could motivate myself and others, we could be enthusiasts like we were younger in no-time, I suppose. Exhaustion in finding proper words, proper deeds often leads to a burned-out effect. No man is a computer, a dedicated server. We need to design a caring, loving system that will be a win-win for all.

There was the first, second, third, and fourth industrial revolution, altogether a total of around 250 million deaths in direct armed conflicts. You should know that humanity was and is on the wrong path, only by looking at that important viewpoint.

Stop procrastinating.

How many times have you heard or read that António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, says the word “NOW”. There is even an emergency climate disaster conference happening right now, but local people aren’t interested. People need to find the proper modality between procrastinating and panicking cuz both are terribly wrong. 

We need e-receipts now, we need global currency now, we need rich to poor and needful money transfer now... 

Stay away from distractions.

That’s so difficult nowadays gangs pounding all the time, showing energy. Remembering MS philosophizing about the silent room… Only rich guys can afford this, I suppose.

Learn from other’s mistakes.

Here I would point out ongoing success of open-source software, and even Free Art License. Now is the proper time to think about collaboration, less on profit. And do not collaborate in the way some rich guy’s company is asking you to do the long hours… 


29 November, 2023

ᴳᴼᴼᴰ ᴵᴺᵀᴱᴺᵀᴵᴼᴺ Day of Remembrance for all Victims of Chemical Warfare, 30 November

massive scale during World War I, resulting in more than 100,000 fatalities and a million casualties
United Nations

I believe that this day should also be a day of remembrance for all the dead and injured from Big Pharma's reign of terror. This sad day needs expanding; for example, look at a few random articles about the big scams in that mystical industry:


Business-as-usual is breaking our planet.
Mr. Simon Stiell of Grenada, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
These are not brain tonics. We know that alcohol is nasty, but brother - this is not a multivitamin either. It won't hurt you for a few months, but it will for five years.
hugely popular and somewhat rebellious - Robert Torre - his view regarding pharmaceutical treatment of mental trauma

25 November, 2023

I Don't Like Politics

I don't like politics cuz sometimes it's closely related to torture and excessive use of arms. I stand with Ukraine, with their right to freedom - to get rid of the eastern Russian 'Big Dictator'. The thing I don't like about Ukraine's Zelenski - is his plans to expand the gun industry sector. I remember here, in Homeland War, guns were coming from all over - even with the UN embargo opposing gun import. There is much dirty stuff in affairs becoming visible with people's criminal activities.

I don't understand why the defense office has, for example, warships or warplanes under the counter.

With the green revolution, we need to completely dismantle the system that led to the sixth mass extinction; I want to live, I have so much love to give.

19 November, 2023

𝘛imeless 𝘘uestions? ( 12ᵗʰ part )

Dried, silk, or plastic flowers - what do you prefer? 

-I like it as much as natural as it can be.

Towards the Greenpeace Alternative Futures Webinar ‘Growing the Alternatives’

I remember the last economic crisis, how they jokingly said in the commercials that we should refill ballpoint pens if we want to save money. Analogously, it can really be said that the savings of switching from the kuna to the euro are great because - the battery on the calculator (display) is saved, it's so good conversion. Almost 1:10

"I don't conquer the prominence tops - that's where I live... But to get there, sometimes you have to smear your sneakers" ⎯ psychocratic viewpoint on changes, where they say there are always "political dead people". That's unacceptable.

'Z-world' sucks 😞 in that way pronounced.

We need to stop fossil fuels ⛽ & their show-off.

You can do almost anything by walking, keeping the environment nurtured.

Please stop devastating Earth 🌍 #ActNow

With perfectly filled settlements Croatia is conserving the environment. 25 million overnight stays by tourists is only a fraction that doesn't influence the population density number.

Ever since 90's many firms went out of business, mostly in idle primary and secondary industrial activities. Imagine accidents that must've happened just with lubricating oil for machines - great savings!

We should focus more, I suppose on cleaning beaches, the sea, and forests for a start, and I've even planted a tree as a part of reforestation with the help of local newspapers. I've informed you about this incredible project a few months ago, dear people of the public.

It is time for a climate ambition supernova in every country, city, and sector.
António Guterres, United Nations Secretary-General

10 November, 2023

My 🆕 Appeal to Get the Universal Basic Income (UBI) Operational

hackers, hackers... the good and the bad... governmental or criminal... I prefer none - but sometimes I use tricks and other tips, you may call it HACkS (but I would rather not) to get things done ✅

I mean - ai.gov, ai.org... oh where does it all end? Is it sustainable development, or actually a marketing experience? People need paradise-like changes that are so hard to find in times of climate emergency 🦺

Suffering, ill from all sorts of 'Déformation professionnelle' little people can't afford an effective break. I appeal to those rich guys once again to get the Universal Basic Income (UBI) operational!

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