29 June, 2017

My latest peace message

I can imagine how difficult it is, especially in this time of global climate change, but please use fireworks as a rainmaking ritual in desperate need. I believe a fireworks rainmaking ritual without a "Rain dance" can really create nasty side effects.

Also, the pacification process can be in jeopardy with Petya and similar cyberattacks, and please stop embarrassing me as a computer expert (Web designer, Goggler) with such criminal activities.

11 June, 2017

Blog update

The background of the blog has been changed, some of the publications have been cleansed. I hope you like it!

03 June, 2017

Post-truth age with increasing input of mixed reality

There are so many things that we normally wouldn't use, but we are obliged to in some perfidious way. I, for one, am forced to transcendental medicine and chemotherapy (pharmacotherapy).

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