27 March, 2019

Document Freedom Day (DFD)

Today is March 27, 2019 - Document Freedom Day (𝖣𝖥𝖣) - a day when people come together and inform themselves about the ever-growing importance of Open Standards. 𝖣𝖥𝖣 is all about compatibility, is more than documents.  During Document Freedom Day people discuss formats and protocols which everybody can use free of charge and restriction.

22 March, 2019

Amazing 4 Hi-Tech Giants

  1. Microsoft
    Head and shoulders photo of Bill Gates
    Bill Gates - principal founder of Microsoft - Image by United States Department of Health and Human Services - https://www.flickr.com/photos/hhsgov/39912162735/, Public Domain, Link
  2. Apple
    Tim Cook 2009 cropped.jpg
    Tim Cook - Chief Executive Officer of Apple - Image by Tim_Cook_2009.jpg: Kindly granted by Valery Marchive (LeMagIT) derivative work: RanZag (talk) - Tim_Cook_2009.jpg, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link
  3. Amazon.com
    Jeff Bezos at Amazon Spheres Grand Opening in Seattle - 2018 (39074799225) (cropped).jpg
    Jeff Bezos - the founder, chairman, CEO, and president of Amazon - Image by Seattle City Council from Seattle - https://www.flickr.com/photos/seattlecitycouncil/39074799225/, CC BY 2.0, Link
  4. Alphabet - Google
    Larry Page in the European Parliament, 17.06.2009 (cropped).jpg
    Larry Page - principal founder of Google - Image by Stansfield PL - Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Those 4 amazing hi-tech multinationals have an extraordinary market capitalization of around 4 trillion dollars (trillion dollars can be thought of like a million of million), each with a similar value (around a trillion each). They are the biggest public companies listed in the stock market in the world.

20 March, 2019

Celebrating Johann Sebastian Bach

Celebrating Johann Sebastian Bach

Go behind-the-scenes of today's Doodle below! Today we celebrate world renowned German composer and musician Johann Sebastian Bach with our first ever AI-powered Doodle! Made in partnership with the Google Magenta and Google PAIR teams, the Doodle is an interactive experience encouraging players to compose a two measure melody of their choice.
In this link above you can see and hear the composition, I did with a help of Johann Sebastian Bach and the first-ever AI-powered Google Doodle.

Go behind the scenes with Google:

Happy International Colour Day - March 21!

International Colour Day promotes colour awareness. Visit https://www.luka.jagor.info/ - Luka Jagor - Digital Art for colourful artwork.

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