28 February, 2023

What's Going on With Artificial Black Hole

At this stage, it's groundbreaking what's going on with artificial black holes. As it's been said, it's good to confront the universe itself - we could start with a white hole lab simulation. Remembering how neutron star creates gravitational waves entering black hole we should look for something bigger to smash black hole, some stuff accessible in the laboratory. Afterward, to accumulate that burst of energy proper setup should be designed. It's vital to know the universe whether black-to-white hole conversion is an energy gainer or drag, or even doable beside 'strained', 'overflown', and 'stretched' formulas on some piece of paper. White holes are yet to be discovered in the observable universe.

If you want reality, confront the Universe itself.

17 February, 2023

It's Supercharged

Supercharged future car production would probably go with non-fake hoverboard/hovertrain technology. Enhanced with a max efficiency of solar power & lightweight battery to give an extra push. Preferably, with the best model user would feel extra safe without manual engine controls. Designing needs to be done with a sense of coziness for all generations. We are witnesses to chatbots arising. It's new software, usually, new hardware pops in by combining, creating completely new services. My gut feeling tells me that the holographic experience is desired to fulfill the time spent in the car.

15 February, 2023

Embeddable Player ▶️ for Rave the World Radio - Customize It Now

Custom embeddable code by background color. Custom image/video backgrounds can be available on demand.

Try the setup yourself https://www.ravetheworldradio.com/EmbedPlayer.html?m=setup

There are still some effects to be worked out, like fullscreen view...

Croatia Eurovision Song Contest 2023 - Satire or Real Threat by Old-fashioned Demons of Yesterday, Their View of the Trojan❓

True 'Circle' Story, comparative overview of The Circle (2017 movie) logo & CARNET: Croatian Academic and Research Network logo (2017) with an extra recap initiative of their CARNET "Hamster | Heart" department.

13 February, 2023

Embeddable player ▶️ for Rave the World Radio

 Here is the code: 

<iframe loading="lazy" src="https://www.ravetheworldradio.com/EmbedPlayer.html" name="Rave" scrolling="No" height="600px" width="100%" style="border: none;"></iframe>


10 February, 2023

Sad Crimes Against Humanity

Door by door, village by village, township by township, people got arrested. This is the evidence of crimes against humanity, this is the evidence of genocide, because (they) targeted an ethnicity.
Abduweli Ayup

Enough of this "militia" movement all around the world confronting peaceful pacifists. The Army industry needs to be dismantled ASAP. Police states and their military regimes are not solutions for energy and climate emergencies πŸ†˜

A Tent Is not a Place to Call Home - United Nations Secretary-General annual Sustainable Development Goals Implementation Progress report 2022.

People need more freedom to come up with revolutionary fixing of aggregated problems. Please stop this silly so-called goose chase and focus on the real hassle πŸ†˜

09 February, 2023

Crowd Wisdom & Psychology, Swarm Intelligence - Never Take Humanity

Humanity is the best cuz it keeps the warmth of the heart. Humanocentrism sounds πŸ†—, and higher-power theory is πŸ†— if it's about autosuggestion, and building confidence. Redefined Geocentric model teaches us we're only tenants here on Earth in the middle of an ecological crisis. We need to make adjustments for human-caused global warming to stop. Afterward, we can again consume plenty of humancentric stuff.

Crowd wisdom & psychology, and swarm intelligence merely show how rushed moves lead to completely new, unpredictable, and maybe undesirable sociological systems. One needs to communicate much more verbally, regardless of language barriers or contradictory non-verbal signs. Can really Fourth Industrial Revolution save us from the dark ages technology has put us into? Or what is an alternative? -The global literacy rate currently stands at 87%, internet has mainstreamed so I'll remain optimistic.

Why Are Croatians Asking 'where are you' as a Greeting

Freedom is fewer obstructions preventing a real path because grown people should be good, not misuse their authority and mislead others.

History is teaching us that taking a fast pace to make a big sociological change is undesirable due to many casualties. Please don't make any sudden moves describing your dissatisfaction.

Free market blocking trading, social network sites blocking user posts, or pulling out seaweeds that, by aggressively spreading, destroy the existing, now unsuitable flora - these are all signs of overregulation. A new wave of people should come to familiarity with combining the latest knowledge worldwide. Step by step, surely, we'll put the old dragon in the stowing of history.

03 February, 2023

Growing Mushrooms at Home 🏑 or Foraging Fungi πŸ„

Growing mushrooms at home shouldn't be a pandemic hobby, but rather a good 🌟  thing to do in back-to-normal life as well. The supreme feeling of comfort is when you combine outdoor activities such as walking πŸ‘£  or hiking with foraging fungi πŸ„ 

A leisurely walk through the forest from tree to tree, from bush to bush with a careful observation of the ground and trees, occasionally stopping by an unknown specimen of a mushroom, deep breathing and observation of other phenomena in nature should be the main task of every mushroom picker.
Prof. Romano BoΕΎac, PhD.

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