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29 September, 2023

Heavyweight Car Battery as a Accessory

Supercharged with solar power – a heavyweight battery would be a car accessory. Environmentalists advocate less mining - therefore small battery, possibly of the size of a wristwatch would be perfect for the job with a city car, or smartcar. Just as you sometimes carry snow chains on a long trip, you could also take a heavyweight battery, BESS fuel. City lights at night must have some energy, whether is it possible to maintain minimalistic battery size, all-night drive, and sufficient speed remains to be seen. 

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25 March, 2023

Towards the Earth Hour Initiative

Hello, nice to be part of this lovely, prime initiative. Today the weather was warm enough, I didn't turn on the heating. I made tasteful lacto-ovo vegetarian lunch, and made minimal public transportation moves (15 minutes bus drive), dreaming about solar-powered engines. Then I went on my usual walking adventure, check out my activity on Strava: I completed 50 kilometers of walking distance challenge in March.

I want to be a winner, to tear down fossil fuels schematics.

17 February, 2023

It's Supercharged

Supercharged future car production would probably go with non-fake hoverboard/hovertrain technology. Enhanced with a max efficiency of solar power & lightweight battery to give an extra push. Preferably, with the best model user would feel extra safe without manual engine controls. Designing needs to be done with a sense of coziness for all generations. We are witnesses to chatbots arising. It's new software, usually, new hardware pops in by combining, creating completely new services. My gut feeling tells me that the holographic experience is desired to fulfill the time spent in the car.

27 January, 2023

My View of 3D Printing & Installation 🚗💨 Electric Car

  • designing the car body with handy tools like plasticine or some other molding materials 
  • 3D scanning 
  • 3D printing, eventually at a 1:1 ratio 
  • adjusting other printable parts' schematics available online with the desired prototype
  • setting up mechanical, non-plastic parts to get them working in traffic 
  • fine-tuning and finally testing the prototype 
A road map for making this project come to reality. I'll keep you posted about future updates in my new feuilleton.

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