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11 July, 2017

ᵁᴾᴰᴬᵀᴱᴰ Summer television guide and tips for a healthy body weight

Widescreen television broadens one's horizons. In order to stay in the loom, you should definitely rotate your television and change the aspect ratio from 16:9 to 9:16, similar to what it is on a smartphone.

To accomplish a nice healthy body weight one should install a smart scale in a house. I'm sure you can connect it to the Internet and follow your progress in some calendar application.

    29 June, 2017

    My latest peace message

    I can imagine how difficult it is, especially in this time of global climate change, but please use fireworks as a rainmaking ritual in desperate need. I believe a fireworks rainmaking ritual without a "Rain dance" can really create nasty side effects.

    Also, the pacification process can be in jeopardy with Petya and similar cyberattacks, and please stop embarrassing me as a computer expert (Web designer, Goggler) with such criminal activities.

    11 June, 2017

    Blog update

    The background of the blog has been changed, some of the publications have been cleansed. I hope you like it!

    03 June, 2017

    Post-truth age with increasing input of mixed reality

    There are so many things that we normally wouldn't use, but we are obliged to in some perfidious way. I, for one, am forced to transcendental medicine and chemotherapy (pharmacotherapy).

    31 May, 2017

    Retro Realism: View of Twin Peaks revival

    The story of the Laura Palmer of the Twin Peaks is tragic. I hope legal system will be established and other elements of the legal state as soon as possible, where the motto "liberté, égalité, fraternité", meaning "liberty, equality, fraternity" will indeed be valid. It seems to me that things are upside down, the legal system protects local potentate, as things stand now, especially from the Zagreb area. Sometimes they say "We are all equal, only some are more equal than others", but all that folk wisdom gives me a headache instead of a fortune. There are many new forensic methods (I really liked 𝖢𝖲𝖨: Miami) and I'm sure if you really want to find the culprit of the tragic death of Laura Palmer, you could in no time. Clearly, such mess brought to you by corruption only encourages clientelism, nepotism, and the overgrowth of public services. Once again, I appeal to the motto "liberté, égalité, fraternité", meaning "liberty, equality, fraternity", in creating a legal state. ( fraternité - HR: bratstvo, pobratimstvo, ne nepotizam )

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