28 May, 2019

Does a Cosmopolitan Attitude Estrange You From Your Local People?

I believe that you shouldn't be estranged from local people with a cosmopolitan attitude. Does it always have to be that way? -No - urban, cosmopolitan thinking is more inclusive, liberal, but it's hard to maintain your viewpoints in these conservative, right-wing times.

There is pressure and stress coming from everywhere pushing you to make an error, be rude, maybe even have a psychotic episode. This highly competitive world where Universal Basic Income is not enabled is sometimes called concrete jungle. I believe we should connect and make the world a better place, regardless of all kinds of differences, and accept our neighbor no matter if he/she is urbane, a peasant, LGBTQ, or coming from abroad.

20 May, 2019

My View on the Vertical Farming

Zero Hunger is a part of the Sustainable Development Goals and projections of population growth predict that the human population will reach 9 billion in 2050. Vertical farming should not be considered as a joke and laughing stock anymore, but be careful which farm you’re buying. In order to make your calculation faultless, you should know all the facts. I like vertical farming because there is no use of pesticides, I urge you to enable plants circadian rhythm.

Vertical Farming by Numbers

14 May, 2019

Newsflash of the Day

Lenovo's Folding PC Might Be The Future Of Laptops

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Humans to Mars Summit 2019 Launches in D.C. This Week: Watch It Live!

The 2019 Humans to Mars Summit kicks off in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday (May 14), and you can watch the conference events live online. The annual three-day gathering, hosted by the nonprofit organization Explore Mars, brings together scientists, engineers, academics, government officials and other industry leaders to discuss the future challenges and the current progress humanity has made toward launching a crewed mission to the Red Planet by the 2030s.

#FreeBritney: Understanding the Fan-led Britney Spears Movement

Inside the fan-led movement to "free" Britney Spears from her conservatorship.

Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors Invest 80M EUR in Rimac and Establish a Technology Partnership | Rimac Automobili

SEOUL, ZAGREB, 14 May 2019 - Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Motors Corporation have jointly invested 80M Euros in Rimac Automobili (Rimac) - the Croatian high-performance electric vehicle technology and sportscar company. The companies have announced a strategic partnership to collaborate on the development of high-performance electric vehicles.

03 May, 2019

Happy World Press Freedom Day

Often they say 70% of all information on the internet is disinformation. I can't guarantee that all information provided on my blog is logically true, I write this blog passionately from the bottom of my heart.

Please always be skeptical regarding unverified sources and bear in mind that the closest people surrounding you should be your strongest influencers.


28 April, 2019

My Example of How Prejudicial Thinking Can Lead to Dangerous Indoctrination

NASA's InSight Mars Lander is equipped with a seismometer to measure all possible marsquakes, but I'm more interested in moonquakes. It's important to say about this particular subject that moonquakes (the lunar equivalents of earthquakes) were heavily studied in the 1970s. A moonquake can shake the ground for hours. Man often says "The first footprints put on the Moon will probably stay as long as the Moon itself lasts", implying the Space Age has started recently, for the first time.

For all we know, considering mankind exists 200,000 years, and the Moon's surface entropy, it's possible we've been there before. Thinking that the Space Age began recently may be wrong thinking, that kind of prejudice can lead to dangerous indoctrination.

I hope my generation will make some positive mark in mankind that will truly be memorable, something more than Moon/Mars landings.

27 March, 2019

Document Freedom Day (DFD)

Today is March 27, 2019 - Document Freedom Day (DFD) - a day when people come together and inform themselves about the ever-growing importance of Open Standards. DFD is all about compatibility, is more than documents.  During Document Freedom Day people discuss formats and protocols which everybody can use free of charge and restriction.