27 December, 2017

My view of reducing bureaucracy: #opengov

Open Government Partnership |

For the Open Government Partnership model to work, lots of people need to get involved.
I look forward to "Paperless country (e-Croatia)", a project similar to Paperless office, scheduled to start in 2020. I hope there will be no delays or setbacks. I'm not fully familiar with its roadmap but I hope it will reduce bureaucracy (psychocracy) and increase competition and new ideas in the market.

Automated and open administration will eradicate organized crime with proper settings.

Do you remember Microsoft's "Office Assistant"? - A few people actually used it, but I think now it would be nice to have some guidance and assistance through life (getting the right document from one office to another) to get things done, especially if you are a business owner.

Clippit, the default assistant, in Office 2000/XP/2003 (after the makeover). Clippit is asking if the user needs help, from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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