26 December, 2017

My view of sending astronauts back to the Moon

The Moon is seismically active, moonquakes are often and last a long time, please be careful. New building materials should be used there for the construction. #SaveTheMoon 😃

I'm positive that this step of sending astronauts back to the Moon will open the doors to the Universe for many ordinary people as well.

In this busy world, there are some things said unclearly regarding Information Age and Job Market. It's a win-win situation. I want to believe in lifelong learning and in the real value of "know-how", there should be (Universal) Basic Income available to motivate work.  A.I. can fail in some simple tasks (not to know how to do something) and there is no need for the people to feel threatened by Information Age technology. For example fifteen years after the Dot-com bubble people are employed by Dot-coms, it is a vivid industry 😃

The World Bank forecasts global economic growth by more than 3 percent for the next year.

In time, the market will be reformed, bringing educated people to populate the Solar System all around. I believe that the problem of energy supply will be solved with fusion because there are lots of investments and results are showing. Allegedly, water was found on asteroids, moons, and planets, it can be a common occurrence.

I don't think that the Universe is the last big market, there must be more. In the meantime, I'm sure it can constrain those big NASDAQ high-tech companies from getting filthy rich.

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