03 January, 2018

Populism of the petty bourgeoisie

In theory, everyone should have equal opportunity, but be careful. The fast rise of populism of the petty bourgeoisie is possible where education is free. You can have families where parents have an only elementary school, and children on the other hand have college. "Superiority complex" doesn't have to be used just for individual psychology, I believe the term could be used in sociology as well.

Superiority complex leading to populism would be the common denominator for talks in these families. Short-term results of those talks are positive, long-term results are devastating. Please remember that the "Doomsday Clock" is all times height, the cause is the rise of nationalism.

Some examples of populism backward thinking by subject:

  • Economy: State protectionism and interventionism
  • Geography and space exploration: We have to eat a lot of polenta to get into the universe, Flat Earth Idea
  • Migration: like in Elysium, the movie
  • Health care system: Family medicine 

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