22 January, 2018

World Refugee Day - 20 June - Is Approaching

This not about sharing a burden. It is about sharing a global responsibility, based not only the broad idea of our common humanity but also on the very specific obligations of international law. The root problems are war and hatred, not people who flee; refugees are among the first victims of terrorism.

Every minute 20 people leave everything behind to escape war, persecution, or terror. Please help poor people. You can join the #WithRefugees petition to send a message to governments that they must work together and do their fair share for refugees.

The refugee exodus with over 66 million forcibly displaced worldwide is at its peak.

It is a pity that there is no initiative like it was "Live Aid" in 1985. "World’s richest 1% get 82% of the wealth," Oxfam Charitable organization says, "there is a new billionaire every other day". I don't believe the rich are so much more productive than the others, it's just not fair.

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