14 July, 2019

Waves of Artificial Intelligence Behavior

In April AI news diminished the value of Google's DeepMind - it nearly flunked high school math, but a turnover came recently when scientists build incredibly accurate universe simulations with a help of artificial intelligence. The sweet problem for the scientists is not knowing how such accurate universe simulation is being rendered, they should check up, "debug" every pixel it produces.

Overall, it's not so sweet seeing AI behaving in a whimsical manner, capriciously - but then again it was anticipated that it's so hard to teach artificial intelligence notions like common sense.
The importance of knowing what goals AI should have is imperative, whether they are local (small) or global (cumulative set of local goals). For me, it's frustrating, as an artificial intelligence enthusiast, seeing challenges like global hunger, diseases, the Millennium Prize Problems won't go away just now, but maybe in some time soon.

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