24 November, 2021

ᵁᴾᴰᴬᵀᴱᴰ My New Project - "The Trillion Dollar Homepage" or "The Zillion Dollar Homepage" - Conceptual Design

I'm happy with my new Google Developer Profile https://g.dev/LukaJagor, I hope I will achieve my new project. With annoying inflation in place, I'm thinking of "The Trillion Dollar Homepage" or "The Zillion Dollar Homepage". The registered user would have the ability to upload a precious photo with unquestionable copyright, to obtain a unique, human-readable, search engine-friendly URL link (one photo, one link). Three cool features would distinguish my website from other image gallery websites: 

  1. Astonishing URL that would describe your real value,
    e.g. www.Trillion Dollar Homepage.tld/Luka-Jagor.html
  2. Templates for customizing uploaded images by editing them (adding borders, lighting) 
  3. Print uploaded images on a different material as a postcard, a canvas, a sticker, or even a poster.
Update: Check Out - Possible Collision of Inconsistencies in My Blog Posts 😟

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