04 April, 2023

Artistic Swimming From My Perception - Big-5 Leagues in Outer Space

Although I'm against sports, there must be some recreational activity people could pull through. Artistic swimming or synchronized swimming looks perfect. 

Big-5 Leagues ReMake * 

There are indications superluminal data transfer could be possible in today's time and space, near zero network latency, is needed. I would have imagined artistic swimming in five distant locations, hooked up with high-quality touchable holographic technology. The participants involved would not feel alone and disconnected from their swimming co-player, whether a person gets projected from e.g. moon or Mars. Gravitational and other habitational specifics would be modulated on the fly.

* https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Regular_pentagon_construction4.svg#/media/File:Regular_pentagon_construction4.svg

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