12 April, 2023

Writing About What I Couldn’t Live Without

I think most definitely I couldn't live without air. Air is very important to me because my body cells need oxygen that's coming out of the air. But maybe sometimes it's good staying outta air - whenever I have hiccups - I stop 🛑 breathing for a while to disrupt the hiccups interval - it worked for me almost every time.

Funny, when I was younger staying outta breath longer than 60 seconds was a big deal, people were telling me. Nowadays people stay outta breath for a long time, and there are even some tribes that are experts in that field.

Another thing that's bugging me is knowing how life is fragile, and as I read in the article, if Earth would lose oxygen only for minutes, all concrete compounds would break apart. Silly 🙄🤣 😜 😂 Oxygen is essential for concrete. 

All in all, the air should be nice and healthy, I'm very happy for stopping smoking 🚭

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