23 February, 2024

ᵁᴾᴰᴬᵀᴱᴰ The Aggression Must Stop

Don't spit in the wind, switch to the solar bus. Tram installations are far too expensive. We need more real politics, some kind of children's video games ⎯ no... People are interested in how we will defeat world hunger, climate change, and global warming, and how to get rid of accumulated problems in a corrupt society. I'd like the youth to beat clientelism. Crippling of human rights no more. It seems to me that there are 600 thousand citizens (HR data) who are of the age to be able to work but do not work. They are not taken into account when presenting data on the unemployment rate. The hair-dressed data of the psychocracy suits doctors and quackery - they make the most money. Military doctrines are as important as their operations. When the army training was half a year, almost everything was learned up to the oath. After that comes specialization and guarding. The villains say that perfection is just stagnation... - no way to get away from the military regime and the police state. Some kind of super-soldier, RoboCop, lets him fight in video games with the opponent, who, as they say, is the same, only on the other side... The people of the new century need a new practice, a climate crisis has begun where climate criminals are a big threat to business. We must strengthen the institutions of civil, secular society. Realistically, no one likes officers, just remember the millennial photos. As they annoy dogs and animals, they also annoy technical devices, machines - and people. Young people are getting fiercer and more brutal, I don't blame them because it's not easy to live with the elderly. Sometimes I think spoiled brats will tear the sky apart; luckily it didn't happen. Once again, we need to stop the violent conflicts and use the strong power of good to disrupt the plans of the thugs. The aggression must stop.

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