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03 February, 2023

Growing Mushrooms at Home 🏑 or Foraging Fungi πŸ„

Growing mushrooms at home shouldn't be a pandemic hobby, but rather a good 🌟  thing to do in back-to-normal life as well. The supreme feeling of comfort is when you combine outdoor activities such as walking πŸ‘£  or hiking with foraging fungi πŸ„ 

A leisurely walk through the forest from tree to tree, from bush to bush with a careful observation of the ground and trees, occasionally stopping by an unknown specimen of a mushroom, deep breathing and observation of other phenomena in nature should be the main task of every mushroom picker.
Prof. Romano BoΕΎac, PhD.

31 January, 2023

Inspiring Notes About Saving Money

Label 100 envelopes from one to 100. Since this is social media, after all, said envelopes should look really cool for the videos. On day one, put $1 in envelope 1. On day 2, put $2 in envelope 2. Continue this way until day 100, when your final savings deposit of $100 will bring you to a grand total of $5,050.

Rule out poverty or save for others. It's not so important to make big achievements, as they say: "it's all about the journey", even if you make little progress, it's a good try. The numbers and lines somehow remind me of the thoughts I've expressed in the »Ruling Doctrine« novelette. Still, I don't know if it's realistic, I haven't tried.
... the amount in the calculation period increases by 50, then by 25, and finally by 10 percent. Thus, the initial 10 units of currency (at that time they were Qubitcoins) can be converted into 15 Qubitcoins for the second accounting period, 19 for the third accounting period, and 21 for the fourth. In total, the financial year ends with 65 Qubitcoins.
If you take the financial year being just a month, with an average month duration of 30.437, and quarter it into periods of 7 days and 14 hours, ideally one could save 65.

13 January, 2023

Friday the 13α΅—Κ°

By the side (goodbye) to April Fool's Day

I don't like superstitious storytelling, as much as I don't like mythology or even cartoons for that matter. 

Here you can download exclusive - all included Friday the 13α΅—Κ° calendar file all till 12/31/9999 😊 There are nearly 14 000 of them in that period. The maximum is three Fridays the 13α΅—Κ° per year, never more. The occurrence factor is 1,72 / year, this 'phenomenon' exists every single observed year.

You can also check my Timeless Questions Feuilleton

11 January, 2023

New Day

Today is a good day to start something new, for example, to create a new hobby, solve old backlogs at work, or enjoy a long walk in the park. If you have enough time, you can visit distant loved ones and relatives, work in the cottage or paint battered furniture.

Sometimes they say - "you trot after her", my home country is trying hard to be the greatest, but sometimes they say we're 30-50 years behind. I also write in my native language under a pseudonym just to ease out time dilation, so please if you think you got me one way there, and I'm writing the opposite here it's not a mistake. I hope in time language barriers will fade away.

10 January, 2023

My View of Quantum Leap

Roman numerals and Arabic numerals (Western Digits) are good for human visualization and calculation. But I believe we need something more to enhance the computers. I call it  »Quantum numerals«, they shouldn't get confused with Quantum numbers. Quantum numerals are optimized for large-scale big-data calculations, to work as a bridge connecting Quantum computing and Neural computing (A.I.) πŸ’¦πŸ’§πŸŒŠπŸŒ¦☔ 

09 January, 2023

How to Fight Patriarchy

I believe that we should all take positive examples of reporting mobbing or violence, including affairs in royalty people  🏰 πŸ‘‘  

As they say: "you know how many whistleblowers are there? - There are more and more of us!"

In Europe, Istanbul Convention Action is good because of radical change against patriarchy that will protect the ones most in jeopardy - women, and children. 

20 December, 2022

New Year is Coming

Preparations for the New Year 2023 in Croatia's Capital Main City Square

02 December, 2022

This Holiday Season

'Don't buy car, refrigerator' this holiday season
Jeff Bezos, Founder of

As an AI enthusiast, I still believe that AI will help us solve the problems of world hunger, misallocation of resources, corruption, and a better health system, as well as improve energy production in terms of sustainable development. Peace in a world without justice is not possible, that goes without saying and should not be emphasized, so for example it is not good that people are hungry, discriminated against, or enslaved. Peace is worth fighting for, but it is good to go through regular channels. China has 4-5 times more inhabitants than the USA, even if the Chinese have a higher GDP they are still very uncompetitive. The world should appreciate high standards such as freedom and democracy, which at least for now China does not intend to fulfill. It is strange that all kinds of industrial tycoons go there to invest, China is like a very big offshore, I suppose. There is too much sports competition, scheme, and subterfuge against fellow citizens. People make up conspiracy theories because they don't trust the elites, those egotistic who are getting richer and richer. The essence of capitalism is the right to property where capital and the free market have the main say. In the USA and other Western countries, the standard is much higher for everyone who wants and can work, and people also feel better (work better) because there is transparency in the democratic procedure. We will have to start saving things, renewing, repairing, and not constantly buying anew - we are too much in a consumerist society, which is very damaging to the environment. A quality car can and should be driven for decades, especially now that there are mass-produced ecological, self-sustaining cars. A lot needs to be changed, not just something, but I think people are not ready because they are (were) too comfortable and not ready for addictive renunciations, they are afraid of revolutionary changes. Concretely, I think that, for example, there is no need to re-concrete in construction.

27 November, 2022

Joining the Eurozone in 5 Weeks Sharp

Euro was the first "virtual", "digital" currency, mainly used by banks and the financial markets at the end of the last millennium. Now it is visible and tangible, I'm so happy to be joining the eurozone here in Croatia πŸ‡­πŸ‡·  in 5 weeks sharp. 

But the eurozone will be a small group of 345 million compared to 800 million people suffering extreme poverty or around 200 million with acute, life-threatening hunger right now.

We should never forget those dear people needing our help πŸ†˜   and that's where I see Croatia's vital role - to feed the poor and enlighten people πŸ‘€  

20 November, 2022

Hope for Climate Justice

I'm an individual with great respect for human rights, don't want to be a collateral victim. Let the video-games rest in peace as soon as possible.


We are nature in rebellion for survival, we have hope for climate justice. Time is running out, we want action. Hey-ho take my hand, our strength is in solidarity. Join our global and politically non-partisan movement where we use non-violent direct action to persuade governments to act justly on the climate and ecological emergency.

Read more:

12 November, 2022

Party General Rehearsal - Updated

Naughty kids of goodwill or naughty kids in a bad mood are sometimes πŸ†— but please, I hope the party will go smoothly.

Output power 2x40 Watts - that's the total capacity, I believe that quiet space, away from the city crowd, for this size of the gathering, is ideal. Only 69 kilometers from Ludbreg Center of the World 😊 will ensure you'll have a first-class party 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

Backup is a portable Bluetooth speaker.



I’m so happy and satisfied, festive to be a part of this global 8 billion-people settlement we call Earth.

28 October, 2022

Stop Speeding Up the Process of Demolishing Life

Rituals, runtime, and burn-out syndrome have some effects on the older ones. Rituals are conducted by people, whereas a runtime (stage of the programming lifecycle), or an algorithm, is performed by a machine, usually a computer. It must be said that Earth will be protected, not entrusted to dilettantes. The universe is a place of inevitable destruction, but it does not give you the right to speed up the process and demolish the Earth, our life. Therefore, all those making big bucks on dirty business should stop because it's completely wrong and awful. Exxon posts record profit, Chevron tops estimates - I mean, where does it all end❓

05 October, 2022

Popularizing Science

If we should go directly to the aggression source we should be careful because black-body radiation is significant.

There are so many galactic sights to cover before sending a probe to a black hole, yet much curiosity arises from such a perspective.

New ideas will emerge compatible with new theories, I would definitely like to show my admiration for the latest project of the deceased Stephen Hawking "Constraining the Multiverse" - that's where should be the focus of popularizing science.


I'm with a band, with broadband hehe.

31 August, 2022

Protect Central Banks - With the Digital Era Prosperity Will Come to Light

Central banks need to be protected, which in turn protects price stability, without stable prices the numismatic story falls, so culture loses. On the other hand, I am not a big fan of tradition, but it is certainly important that the conversion is done without sudden changes.

30 June, 2022

My Market Watch

My daily monitoring of the stock market is a must, but superficial. I applaud recent value cuts to ease inflationary pressure. The USA stock bubble reminds me so much of Japan's bubble in the late 80'.

My heart totally agrees with Buffet's approach to cryptocurrencies, but if I had the opportunity would invest, I've set up my crypto-wallet. I'm waiting for the act of kindness by my audience to start filling it. The thing I don't like the most about cryptocurrencies is energy consumption and the long time of the transaction. That's a big downside. 

I'll remain modestly optimistic hoping a new version of the cryptocurrencies ecosystems will be better, keeping the terminology (brand). Such improvement is easy to expect in "Internet Technology", but, I know, it's easier said than done.

29 May, 2022

How to Avoid News Saturation

I give this example to explain how news can be a drag without a proper interpreter - 12.2 km hole vertical to Earth but the accompanying Earth diameter is 12.742 km. 

Another problem was with a 'Fake News' chase - when people wanted to write about Jupiter's Great Red Spot - it's nothing new therefore it's not the news - it could be 'Fake News'. But now things changed unevenly and Great Red Spot is different.

My way of avoiding news saturation is blocking all IM, SMS, and mob app notifications, except Natural Disaster Alert System of course, because it looks too radical for me to delete social network profiles altogether. Viral marketing produces many last-minute offers that you couldn't normally resist, the end of this massive salle-out begins with environmental concerns. There will always be another puppy to buy or another movie to rent, the key is acting restrained.

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