20 June, 2024

What is the Truth About Climate Justice?

Ultraviolet (UVA & UVB) radiation is getting worse, I suppose.

UVB is very good cuz it's the main source for producing vitamin D, but still... it can damage skin without you know it.

The ozone layer in the atmosphere is expected to return to normal. Together with oxygen, it protects from excessive sunlight.

Please stay focused and concentrate on cognitive credibility.

16 June, 2024

π•½π–Šπ–‰ π•Ύπ–†π–šπ–ˆπ–Š π•»π–†π–˜π–™π–†




  • Spaghetti, ketchup, oil, water, salt and parsley
Red Sauce Recipe:
  • Put the oil in the pan to thickly cover the bottom and turn on the stove. Put ketchup and mix with a food processor. Then add salt and parsley, stirring constantly. Immediately after that, add five times as much water as you put the oil at the beginning. Preparation time: 2-5 minutes.

13 June, 2024

πŸ’― ᴼʳᢦᡍᢦⁿᡃˑ˒ More Peace and Quiet

Manual mode, semi-automatic, or full automatic options for changing gears? I would say people are missing the point - cuz the essence is in the trumpet 🎺 People need more peace and quiet; why not make a car horn to work in manual mode? 

12 June, 2024

15 Minutes × Five Minutes of Fame

A very short time in the spotlight or brief flurry with fame, after which the person or subject involved is quickly forgotten.
Wiktionary, the free dictionary
The galactic year, also known as a cosmic year, is the length of time needed for the Sun to orbit once around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. One galactic year is 230 million Earth years.
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Considering, it's 10–40 years of galactic minutes in down-to-earth scale. People want more, of course. Check out this article: The universe may have a complex geometry — like a doughnut 

Space has the center, and it's probably spinning. We need to define The Universe (Space) Year much simillary like The Galactic Year was defined. Maybe then my glow will be spotted even more.

You - do smth!

10 June, 2024

Make the Giant Leap With Smartphones OSes

There are so many programming languages and so few smartphones OSes. People need scalability as well as cross-platform compatibility, like with websites. Also, it's good to have quality choice with affordable price. Please, come together and make the giant leap, especially in the emerging market. Don't let insufficient competition ruin your field of interest; act today and continue tomorrow...

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