09 February, 2023

Crowd Wisdom & Psychology, Swarm Intelligence - Never Take Humanity

Humanity is the best cuz it keeps the warmth of the heart. Humanocentrism sounds 🆗, and higher-power theory is 🆗 if it's about autosuggestion, and building confidence. Redefined Geocentric model teaches us we're only tenants here on Earth in the middle of an ecological crisis. We need to make adjustments for human-caused global warming to stop. Afterward, we can again consume plenty of humancentric stuff.

Crowd wisdom & psychology, and swarm intelligence merely show how rushed moves lead to completely new, unpredictable, and maybe undesirable sociological systems. One needs to communicate much more verbally, regardless of language barriers or contradictory non-verbal signs. Can really Fourth Industrial Revolution save us from the dark ages technology has put us into? Or what is an alternative? -The global literacy rate currently stands at 87%, internet has mainstreamed so I'll remain optimistic.

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