12 August, 2023

𝘳𝘦𝘉𝘭𝘰𝘨 ♻️ 2018 - Domestic Violence - a Radical Turn Away in Just a Few Decades - and More

Back in the old days, you should beat your son if he has slept with a man, or a wife if she got high and burned a lunch. It was desirable action of the head of the family, seen as an "educational measure". Luckily, values have changed in just a few decades. Now you could be charged with domestic violence, but there is a lot of confusion. Here, in Croatia, domestic violence is a crime for about 20 years and legal practice is often misused. Nowadays authorities get confused with Istanbul Convention/Declaration of Istanbul, I'd say?! trib.al/SmSPCdb

Beating as an "educational measure" in school is unacceptable now, but still, there are "extreme" sports like boxing (olympic sport) or street fighting. From my perception, it is sadistic with a high gay factor (yeah gay 😘 🤙), something like bathing in freezing water during the night. People practicing such "extreme" sports should go to a shrink rather than to a ring hehe. Maybe it is a collective response to social traumas from the past like eunuchism?

I can imagine how difficult it is to explain to kids that violence is good if it is fun, I will never understand that worldview. It is confusing - you can applaud boxing/street fighting on TV, but cannot practice it on a street. Kids are very confused and they are often being recorded by smartphones in some "ultimate fighting" beating match in a playground or a street. Please stop such awful behavior.

The adults should take responsibility and blame for the confusion, it is their wrongdoing. I believe that boxing or street fighting are extreme sports and that extreme sports are lying and deceiving.

My life is not a video game, stop sports, especially the competitive sports industry crisscrossed by crime.

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