19 November, 2023

ᵁᴾᴰᴬᵀᴱᴰ Towards the Greenpeace Alternative Futures Webinar ‘Growing the Alternatives’

I remember the last economic crisis, how they jokingly said in the commercials that we should refill ballpoint pens if we want to save money. Analogously, it can really be said that the savings of switching from the kuna to the euro are great because - the battery on the calculator (display) is saved, it's so good conversion. Almost 1:10

"I don't conquer the prominence tops - that's where I live... But to get there, sometimes you have to smear your sneakers" ⎯ psychocratic viewpoint on changes, where they say there are always "political dead people". That's unacceptable.

'Z-world' sucks 😞 in that way pronounced.

We need to stop fossil fuels ⛽ & their show-off.

You can do almost anything by walking, keeping the environment nurtured.

Please stop devastating Earth 🌍 #ActNow

With ostensibly perfectly filled settlements Croatia is conserving the environment. 25 million overnight stays by tourists is only a fraction that doesn't influence the population density number.

Ever since 90's many firms went out of business, mostly in idle primary and secondary industrial activities. Imagine accidents that must've happened just with lubricating oil for machines - great savings!

We should focus more, I suppose on cleaning beaches, the sea, and forests for a start, and I've even planted a tree as a part of reforestation with the help of local newspapers. I've informed you about this incredible project a few months ago, dear people of the public.

It is time for a climate ambition supernova in every country, city, and sector.
António Guterres, United Nations Secretary-General

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