28 April, 2019

My Example of How Prejudicial Thinking Can Lead to Dangerous Indoctrination

𝖭𝖠𝖲𝖠's InSight Mars Lander is equipped with a seismometer to measure all possible marsquakes, but I'm more interested in moonquakes. It's important to say about this particular subject that moonquakes (the lunar equivalents of earthquakes) were heavily studied in the 1970s. A moonquake can shake the ground for hours. Man often says "The first footprints put on the Moon will probably stay as long as the Moon itself lasts", implying the Space Age has started recently, for the first time.

For all we know, considering mankind exists 200,000 years, and the Moon's surface entropy, it's possible we've been there before. Thinking that the Space Age began recently may be wrong thinking, that kind of prejudice can lead to dangerous indoctrination.

I hope my generation will make some positive mark in mankind that will truly be memorable, something more than Moon/Mars landings.

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