07 April, 2024

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04 April, 2024

Sustainable Development Goals & Green Revolution

A feasible plan should be invented to move the industry as far as possible from harmful effects on people. They wrote about ideas of moving industry into space, specifically a pharmaceutical business. We should continue to take bold similar moves in the chemical industry, computer hardware industry, and so on... I praise 𝙿𝙴𝚃𝙰 - for banning slaughterhouses; No place for them cuz animal welfare concerns.

I see Nasdaq high in orbit going above 100 thousand 😊 reassuring green revolution has succeded.

02 April, 2024

My Gardening Hobby Continues

I present this Lamprocapnos stronger than ever. I can say with extreme happiness from the bottom of my heart that my dream of 'organic' growth came true regarding roses last year 🌹

It was a difficult year for me in my personal life, nevertheless, I was successful. In my garden roses flower 🌺 in April or May till December. This year I've seeded tomatoes on the balcony, to increase green occupancy.

Irises are to flower soon, there is more rain 🌧️ this year, much more than two years ago. I would love for this global warming to stop, to revert climate catastrophe effect, but we all understand it's impossible...




01 April, 2024

The Matrix Anniversary

Trying hard to get Matrix Anniversary CSS - first the showcase video, then the user uploads custom video. Eventually, it's gonna be open source - a cool widget available for every web portal

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