10 January, 2018

Cult of personality isn't charming nor charismatic

A cult of personality arises when a regime uses mass media, propaganda, or other methods such as government-organized demonstrations to create an idealized, heroic, and at times worshipful image of a leader, often through unquestioning flattery and praise.
Charming /ˈtʃɑːmɪŋ/ - adjective - very pleasant or attractive.
Charismatic /karɪzˈmatɪk/ - adjective - exercising a compelling charm which inspires devotion in others.

People are being hurt when those terms get confused. Hitler, Stalin were just a few of those who practiced the cult of personality in politics. Dear people of the world, please don't make the same mistake again. You should fire authoritative regimes and their leaders that want to be on TV often, acting as some celebrity, no matter of deceased victims.

07 January, 2018

IDN (Internationalized domain name) from my perception

An internationalized domain name (𝖨𝖣𝖭) is an Internet domain name that contains at least one label that is displayed in software applications, in whole or in part, in a language-specific script or alphabet, such as Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Tamil, Hebrew or the Latin alphabet-based characters with diacritics or ligatures, such as French. 
Example of Greek 𝖨𝖣𝖭 with a domain name in the non-Latin alphabet: ουτοπία.δπθ.gr
By Adamantios - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

I live in Rudeš, it's a neighborhood in Zagreb, almost all my life. Back in 2004 when I first started Rudeš online (www.rudes.info) - web portal about Rudeš, there were so many critics.

As you can see, "Rudeš" is a non-Latin name because it contains the non-Latin letter "š". At that time the Internet, a project of the United States of America (𝖴𝖲𝖠), had only Latin letters support in assigning domain names to IP addresses.

It's a completely different story when you use the World Wide Web (abbreviated 𝖶𝖶𝖶 or the Web) as an information space for your online content. Ever since the Web non-Latin chars are available for the content.

Time has passed and now you can use your own, native letters and symbols for a website or email address name. There is little danger of phishing scams due to current technical limitations. Nevertheless, I would always redirect www.buecher.de ⇒ www.bücher.de, NOT www.bücher.de ⇒ www.buecher.de.

Nowadays, there are talks about the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (𝖨𝖠𝖭𝖠)  and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (𝖨𝖢𝖠𝖭𝖭). There are some ideas that should be governed by the United Nations, but personally, I think 𝖨𝖠𝖭𝖠 and 𝖨𝖢𝖠𝖭𝖭 should continue doing great work in the current frameset.

06 January, 2018

ᵁᴾᴰᴬᵀᴱᴰ Timeless questions? ( 3ʳᵈ part )

1) Is there a difference between a play, game, and sports?
In psychology and ethology, play is a range of voluntary, intrinsically motivated activities normally associated with recreational pleasure and enjoyment. Play is commonly associated with children and juvenile-level activities, but play occurs at any life stage, and among other higher-functioning animals as well, most notably mammals.
game is a structured form of play, usually undertaken for enjoyment and sometimes used as an educational tool. Games are distinct from work, which is usually carried out for remuneration, and from art, which is more often an expression of aesthetic or ideological elements.
Sport (British English) or sports (American English) includes all forms of competitive physical activity or games which, through casual or organised participation, aim to use, maintain or improve physical ability and skills while providing enjoyment to participants, and in some cases, entertainment for spectators.

05 January, 2018

ᵁᴾᴰᴬᵀᴱᴰ Reality TV is awesome, you can buy a new flat TV as low as $150!

Reality TV is awesome! Reality TV Show star Caitlyn Jenner coming out front as a transgender person in "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" was very inspirational for many beautiful 𝖫𝖦𝖡𝖳 people. I hope they all find the love of their life as soon as possible. It's never too late to express your real suppressed feelings, thank you Caitlyn Jenner for everything.

Caitlyn Jenner.jpeg
United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power interviews Caitlyn Jenner about 𝖫𝖦𝖡𝖳 rights for Human Rights Day, 10 December 2015 Here's what Ambassador Power said about it on Facebook: Today is International Human Rights Day. At the United Nations, we’re working to integrate 𝖫𝖦𝖡𝖳 rights into every discussion on human rights, but there is still so much more we can do so that everyone has the freedom to live as they are without fear. It was good to talk to Caitlyn Jenner recently about the important work we can do at home, at the UN, and internationally. Around the world - and here in the US - transgender people face bullying, abuse, and even fatal violence simply for who they are. The threat is all too real for too many: from 2008-2014, over 1,600 transgender people were killed worldwide.

By US Mission to the UN - https://amp.twimg.com/v/1f184e96-fdd0-4ddb-87ff-c9d9947b48d3 Twitter, Public Domain, Link

Please don't confuse transgender people with greedy athletes whose interest in medicine is only how to get profit.

My life is not a video game

My life is not a video game ⇔ Let the games R.I.P.

03 January, 2018

Populism of the petty bourgeoisie

In theory, everyone should have equal opportunity, but be careful. The fast rise of populism of the petty bourgeoisie is possible where education is free. You can have families where parents have an only elementary school, and children on the other hand have college. "Superiority complex" doesn't have to be used just for individual psychology, I believe the term could be used in sociology as well.

Superiority complex leading to populism would be the common denominator for talks in these families. Short-term results of those talks are positive, long-term results are devastating. Please remember that the "Doomsday Clock" is all times height, the cause is the rise of nationalism.

Some examples of populism backward thinking by subject:

  • Economy: State protectionism and interventionism
  • Geography and space exploration: We have to eat a lot of polenta to get into the universe, Flat Earth Idea
  • Migration: like in Elysium, the movie
  • Health care system: Family medicine 

02 January, 2018

ᵁᴾᴰᴬᵀᴱᴰ Please stop one of the biggest scams of the century - bottled water

Bottled Water: The 'Marketing Trick of the Century' (now offline)

After decades of strong growth, bottled water has surpassed soda as the largest beverage category in the U.S., according to a recent report by research and consulting firm Beverage Marketing Corporation. Bottled water consumption hit a high of 39.3 gallons per capita last year.

14 reasons bottled water is one of the biggest scams of the century (now offline as well)

There's nothing quite like the feeling of pure, ice-cold hydration. Some of us get our water for free from the tap. The rest pay for it -- at the cost of roughly $100 billion a year. At that steep a price tag, you might assume buying the bottled stuff would be worth it.
The Microsoft Network - MSN.com


WHO launches plastics health review

The World Health Organization is to launch a review into the potential risks of plastic in drinking water. It will assess the latest research into the spread and impact of so-called microplastics - particles that are small enough to be ingested. It comes after journalism organisation Orb Media found plastic particles in many major brands of bottled water.
The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
The lifestyle in Croatia is a little bit different, we don't drink bottled water, but rather pipeline water. I'm afraid that the problem of plastic particles in water also exists, and I kindly ask authorities to check it out.

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