25 March, 2023

Towards the Earth Hour Initiative

Hello, nice to be part of this lovely, prime initiative. Today the weather was warm enough, I didn't turn on the heating. I made tasteful lacto-ovo vegetarian lunch, and made minimal public transportation moves (15 minutes bus drive), dreaming about solar-powered engines. Then I went on my usual walking adventure, check out my activity on Strava: https://strava.app.link/9DtAfG2Ksyb I completed 50 kilometers of walking distance challenge in March.

I want to be a winner, to tear down fossil fuels schematics.

Tricks and Tips in Housecare - Washing Carpets

Water consumption when washing carpets is essential, they say 100 gallons of water (379 liters) are used in cleaning an average-sized home of 2,480 square feet (230 square meters). It appears 80 percent is covered with rugs - 1,984 sqft (184 m2). Save water using a watering can (3 gallons). You can take 10 cans to get carpets wet, spread the detergent, and finally wash it off with 10 cans.


What it has to do with a self-sustaining house remains to be seen.

22 March, 2023

The End of the Industrial Revolution ❓❗

How nice it would be "Quantum physics" outgrows "Chemistry" (Field of study), but "Chemistry" is ten times better documented. Also for me is a bit silly to use taxpayers' money to play with astrology, whereas astronomy is serious and analytic. We need the final exit strategy from the industrial revolution(s), to sum up, and set up the end goal.

17 March, 2023

Corona Vaccination Seamest to Finished in My Country

I got vaccinated four times, and every time I got progressively embarrassed by personnel. The thing that hurt me most is I never got an open email to vaccinate, although I've successfully registered through the 'get your shot' official government medical website. Healthcare workers here are underpaid, and they have too many working hours. I see solutions in advanced computer help. 

The empty place where there was an advertisement to get vaccinated

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